About Airsoft Milsim Events

Airsoft Milsim Events was created to help people find their next MilSim event. It solves the issue of not having MilSims all listed in one place.

It’s a community based website that lists event information for upcoming MilSims including BattleSims / FilmSims. It’s not dependant on organisers, or vendors (they are too busy putting the actual events together!). The event list is compiled and maintained by the milsim airsofting community. If you know of an event, please let us know by emailing [email protected]. We’ll soon have an “Add Event” form so anyone, anywhere can share an event.

What’s is a MilSim?

Milsim is the shortened version of Military Simulation. Typically, a milsim requires player to adhere to a particular dress code, uniform or loadout. Restrictions may also be applied to types of weaponry and ammo limits. Milsims will often span multiple days and will have an immersive story based scenario. If you like to run around in jeans, t-shirt, with a Dye mask and a drum mag – maybe milsims aren’t for you. But if you want a more involved story based version of airsoft and something more that a few hours of skirmish, then milsims could be the thing for you.

So what are FilmSim / BattleSims?

FilmSim / BattleSims are variations of MilSim. They still have the immersive story, loadouts, weaponery/ammo restrictions, but are typically played over a shorter time period. BattleSims are usually 1 day events and FilmSims tend to be over 2 days with the game stopping at the end of the first day. Players then have a relaxing evening of downtime and camping before recommencing the game the following day. BattleSims tend to be based on modern or historical military scenarios. FilmSims may have a broader scope, with scenarios linked to popular film or video game themes.

How accurate is the events list?

Event information is based on organiser’s websites and social media. We appreciate event information can change such as dates, venues or even cancellations. Please always follow the links to the organiser’s website for the most up to date information. But if you do spot an error, please let us know by emailing [email protected].

Is the list limited to the UK?

No – Although currently the events list only has UK MilSims, and we’d love to see MilSims from across the globe listed!